We obtain the best products, deliver above expectations & take a responsible, ethical approach to business.


WEL Medical believe passionately about supporting our customers to be confident in the effective & safe use of our products and the ongoing care of them.  For us, our business does not just shift boxes, we are people who work with people who want to raise awareness of lifesaving skills & make a difference when it matters most.  For defibrillators, we follow best-practice guidelines and link people to their local Ambulance Service to ensure the whole community has extended support.


WEL Medical take pride in the strong relationships that have been forged with healthcare professionals, charities and key opinion leaders. Our projects with The British Heart Foundation have made a significant positive impact on making the public safer.   We also work in a collaborative manner with all suppliers and sub-distributors. This, in-turn, is reflected in our trusted reputation.  The links we have forged with the Ambulance Services are crucial when placing equipment and every effort is made to “join the dots” between the emergency services and customers. We support organisations to raise awareness and  develop resources which we hope will help all our customers  to make a difference.

Ethical Working Practice

We take an ethical and open approach to all business interactions to ensure that we are a responsible member of the community. We operate within the code of conduct of the BHTA which is approved by the OFT. As well as the external community, our people are crucially important to us.  We employ equal opportunities policies to ensure all staff are treated fairly and with respect. Individual development and career progression is actively encouraged with all employees.

Service & Logistics

We strive to offer all of our partners and customers confidence in a robust supply chain.  We ensure that we use efficient processes and trusted partners to ensure that our goods are available where and when they are needed in good condition from our UK warehouse.  We are compliant with the worlds most recognised Quality Management System (ISO9001). We use systems and processes to safeguard the health and safety of our staff and to ensure that customers receive products swiftly and efficiently.


We take environmental and sustainability issues seriously.  To address the pressures of  contemporary environmental and corporate social responsibility agendas, we are committed to a programme of management and continuous improvement. This is not isolated solely to reduce our carbon footprint. Our contribution on the world in which we live is monitored and measured with a particular focus on stock-holding, handling and shipping within the UK. Packaging is recycled wherever possible.


We have a core belief that we can take an active part in being able to help other people.  For us, this gives a greater meaning to what we represent and demonstrates that we are committed to the cause of strengthening the chain of survival. The company is built on a passion to help save lives and we are able to channel this energy and vision back in to the communities we support. We dedicate a proportion of resources to supporting the work of charities and local community programmes. Our Directors & Managers also hold responsible roles within non-business related charitable organisations.