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The iPAD brand of defibrillators is Manufactured by CU Medical Inc who specialise in the latest defibrillation technology. Quality is fundamental to their success and all products comply with International Safety Standards.

WEL Medical have a long standing relationship with CU Medical and work closely with them on product development and ongoing innovation. WEL Medical exclusively represent CU Medical in the UK and Ireland as their main importer and service agent as well as managing the whole distribution structure in these Countries.

We take great pride in the partnership we have developed with CU which has, in-turn, allowed us to develop a reliable supply chain to all stakeholders. We are able to support our clinical partners, sub-distributors, the British Heart Foundation and all those concerned with strengthening the chain of survival.

WEL originally introduced the iPAD NF1200 in 2005 which has now been re-positioned as the iPAD Saver, a lower cost, high quality AED. The NF1200 has been well received and sales grew swiftly. Whilst this was happening, WEL were working with CU to develop the next generation of defibrillators – the SP series.

In 2011 WEL launched the iPAD SP1 – an AED which offers superior features and improved performance compared with it’s competitors. With a large installed base across the whole of the UK and Ireland, the success of the iPAD SP1 speaks for itself. It recognised as a major player in the UK defibrillator market with a strong reputation for reliable supply, support and quality. It is a nominated unit of the British Heart Foundation and is currently being placed in conjunction with EVERY UK NHS Ambulance Service for use in areas such as community public access schemes, Community First Responders and in most cases, within the Ambulance Service itself.

To compliment the iPAD SP1, in 2014 the iPAD SP2 was introduced to the trained medical professional market place. The SP2 has created a new class of defibrillator. Boasting the lightweight robust exterior of the SP1, it packs powerful functionality required when it is needed most (full colour screen, 3 modes and synchronised cardioversion, manual override, wireless 3 lead monitoring and wireless printing) and is proving to be a popular choice with the emergency services.

WEL Medical hold all stock of equipment and consumables in a warehouse in the UK. All orders are handled and processed efficiently by a dedicated in-house team. WEL have a direct sales team as well as a network of trusted sub-distributors who are all established, reputable market leaders in their speciality fields of medical supplies.

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